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Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free

King James, John 8:32

This is a Free Self help resource website on how to improve your life! This website was designed to get you on the true, honest & correct path to knowledge! You don't know what you are looking for until you come across it! That's what this site is! Real true information to awaken you to secrets only the very privileged knew about! You now have all the tools you need to learn and find what you are looking for! We are not affiliated with anyone! You will learn the complete truth and unbiased information! We are here if you have any questions, you are not alone!

Only people like myself who research outside the normal avenues get in on these secrets! Please, all I ask of you is your time! Watch these videos, take notes & take actions!

Not only will you learn other options to obtain health and well-being, but you will have a link on where you can find that practitioner, recipe, or research! Your health & well-being is in your hands and only in your hands!

You will have everything you need at your finger tips, including the most recommended supplements that naturopathics use!

Naturopathic doctors are trained in pharmaceuticals and botanical medicine. They are the specialists when it comes to taking vitamins, minerals, & other safer natural treatments. They are great to supervise you and keep you safe. They will understand and know which supplements will interfere with your medication! Their over all goal is to reduce the medications you are on!

Knowledge is power! Learn, how to alleviate stress & think positive! Learn about the real truth to your health & over all well-being!

I am not a Doctor, but I am trained In:

Certified as an Integrative Health Coach & Patient Navigator:

Trained in Oasis in the Overwhelm by Millie Grenough for stress relief & reprogramming your mind to a more positive way of thinking;

EFT Certified; Emotional Freedom Technique, helps you have less of an emotional attachment to a memory that causes stress, anxiety, phobias or pain, which may be related to illness, sleeplessness or depression.

As an Integrative patient navigator; I recommend some healthcare professionals to help you achieve overall well-being through food, pure supplements, water, breathing, moving & total body cleanses.

I do recommend to use western traditional healthcare practitioners as well. In over 10 years of research, I always find that those who truly obtained health was with a combination of both worlds. Learn how to combine therapies! No its not easy, no its not cheap! (Even though its cheaper than most allopathic treatments) Insurance is covered for some of the modalities. Combination of both worlds & modalities is necessary! Learn how to raise $ for your treatments.


Why you can trust me:

First I was very ill in 2004, I learned to cure my incurable diseases! Ever since then I knew I had to share my knowledge with the world!

I became an integrative health coach and patient navigator to learn even more techniques and skills. Here we learned about social disparities, and why exactly our healthcare system is failing. We learned how to approach a client and make sure they feel safe. We learned many counseling strategies. We also learned what are the curriculum for each modality and even how to be an allopathic doctor. We took several hours learning about supplements and the dirty business it is. We learned the handful of safe companies that use a third non affiliated party to test their products for potency, mold, and other quality control standards.

As a Patient Navigator I have tools and resources to government and private programs. We learn about different types of insurance policies and how to sift through all the red tape. We have resources to many agencies that help with anything from finding a ride to how to obtain more food credits.

I learned EFT(emotional freedom technique) by Cris Jacobs of West Hartford! I use this technique to get to the root cause of the emotion to allow healing to begin. In my experience, I have seen clients do everything right from eating to exercising, but healing was absent. These people had an emotional block that needed lifting. It was fascinating to see how fast they healed after we found the root cause of the emotion that prevented them from health. Client feels better & emotionally lighter in the first session! Its truly a powerful tool.

My training with Millie Greenough in Oasis in the Overwhelm was also vital in my training. She spent a lot of time teaching us how to release stress and other emotions that prohibit wellness. Millie was my mentor and her mentor was Thich Nhot Hanh. (A famous Buddhist Monk Teacher, author poet & peace activist.) This program teaches you that you have control of your mind and thoughts. Like lifting weights to increase muscle, we have to keep thinking positive all the time. Until that is the first thought that comes in our heads. Our entire body need to work together in harmony to overcome any obstacles that come our way, such as disease, depression, anxiety, addictions, phobias, or even sudden life changes like getting married. Some of Millies books, Here, Here, Here! Many said her books saved their lives!

I also studied the law of attraction:

I studied the book by Esther Hicks "Ask and it is Given" I have studied all the books by her and others. BUT this is by far the most enlightening one! This is the book where I successfully created my dream home, and family!

Why I was so desperate to find Happiness:

I was going through a horrible time in my life. My husband and I were so eager to have our second child. I had a miscarriage at 3 months. Three months later I became pregnant again, and this time I am sick and vomiting all the time. Hospitalized many times for dehydration, I had hyperemesis gravidarum. I had an intravenous anti nausea drug used on me and blood thinners. Over the holidays I was back in the hospital with bleeding and infection. Later, I had a placental obstruction. All of this while I was on bed rest for 5 months.

Needless to say, I did a lot of praying for my baby girl. I just started reading and doing all the practices from Esther's book. I ended up again in the hospital and had to make a decision to terminate or I would bleed to death. My son at the time was 5 years old, and he was very confused and scared for mommy. He was the only reason I even considered the abortion! If this never happened to me, I would of said, no brainer you live and get pregnant again, but it was the hardest decision I was ever faced with. I never understood why women risked their lives for their unborn child until I was faced with the decision. I was told my baby girl stopped growing at 18 weeks and she would never have had a chance. Mentally, I knew I made the right decision for my husband and my son. I also knew this was something I would have to always live with.

I had a lot of emotional pain, and I think on some level it will always be there. I used EFT and the Oasis Strategies, and I also took some supplements to help with my healing. The journey was not easy, but I kept at it! I now have 2 healthy, strong minded boys, who are now 13 and 6 years old. I asked the universe to heal and expand my family, and it did. I asked the universe for a house which my family was very specific about. We added all the details in our creation box! Now we have all the details in our home. There are many other examples how I used the law of attraction to get what I want, but I will not bore you with my desires, wants and achievements.

Learn this stuff & experience it for yourself!

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am currently compiling inspirational stories of healing, and life changes! If interested in sharing your story send me a message. You can send me your story by sending me a Youtube link or in an email! I might add it on my website or FaceBook Page, maybe Both! Lets Help Inspire Others & Get our voices Heard!

Please like our Facebook page: Real Health GPS! Get informed, and share your stories. We continuously add resources and treatment options and much more! Stay up to date with current research.