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Many of you Asked how I healed ulcerative colitis, IBS , acid reflux and arthritis. I strongly believe this can work for any disease due to inflammation. Which as many of you know is almost all diseases! I use quotes because even though my colon is intact and I had no recurrences for over 11 years as of October 2017. I am still prone to an auto immune disease! As soon as I am overly stressed or dehydrated by not drinking enough water, drinking too much caffeine and/ or alcohol, I start getting lower back pains and other joint pains. Sometimes I even start getting loose stools! As of today this has happened to me a total of 5 times over the past 11 years! I know it will not get to the point of colitis anymore! I recognize the symptoms, and I know immediately what needs to be done! I drink 4 liters of room temperature water and take my 6 dgl capsules or powder a day! Usually it takes 24 hours for symptoms to reside. I then usually go about eating and drinking as usual. I remember to keep drinking the water, usually 3 liters a day. This is me today! This is what I do to stay in remission. This is not enough if you are sick!

In 2004 my symptoms were mostly mucus, severe debilitating pain, fever, chills, and bleeding heavily. I had an enlarged spleen, a fatty liver and I was extremely exhausted. I did not have control of my bowls. I wore depends for 2 years! I was 28 years old and felt like I was 90!

I now know for a fact I will never get this way again. The reason I could be so sure about this statement is because I addressed the root causes of the problems that created my disease. Ulcerative Colitis is a 4 part disease,

1. immune deficiency (lacking vitamins, minerals etc.)

2. inflammation caused by dehydration, deficiencies, toxicities or even parasites

3. Sensitivity to certain foods, which irritated an inflamed and/or damaged colon

4. I repaired the gut lining and mucous with supplements

I believe the order I did my remedies has a lot to do with my recovery! Ulcerative Colitis is an (autoimmune disease & inflammatory disease) It is very painful and debilitating. It can also be very embarrassing! So there is an emotional toll as well!

This regimen was to treat Ulcerative Colitis, but I believe this regimen can help with any disease that is created by inflammation or autoimmune disease! WARNING DO NOT FORGET TO CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR! THIS REGIMEN MIGHT EFFECT SOME MEDICATIONS YOU ARE CURRENTLY ON!

1. I drank a gallon of distilled water @ room temperature every day, for at least 9 weeks, I then reduced that to 3 liters of water! ( I was 5'4 and weighed 190 lbs.) Please use common sense here! If you have a small frame use less water. For children, reduce this amount drastically. It is also very beneficial to add Ulitma Replenisher, an electrolyte without preservatives or sugar! Our favorite is the orange flavor! I started using this about 3 years ago for stomach upsets,especially the stomach flu.

2. As I was on a high water intake, I stopped my coffee intake & stayed away from alcohol! I didn't eat dairy, spicy foods or high fibrous foods like beans or chickpeas. After the nine weeks I started drinking my coffee again, just one 10 ounce cup a day! Didn't start drinking my wine again until I received my clean bill of health from a colonoscopy! (I know many of you think this is a hard one, but its the most important one!!) No booze until you are healthy!

For Acid Reflux (at least that's what I thought back then) now I realize what an important part it had on the ulcerative colitis.) The vinegar creates an alkaline body. I know you are thinking, but its acidic, but this is an amazing enzyme that heals the gut, which then makes it alkaline. An alkaline body has more oxygen. In an oxygenated body; disease can't survive. I asked an MD and they totally agree! Buy the book and learn more if you'd like. click here

3. I drank unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar with mother from Bragg's

This is the Recipe:


4 tablespoons of vinegar in shot glass

small piece of bread

glass of water

(this treatment burned & hurt my insides) Especially the first 3 days! It got easier the more I did it! If you can't handle the burn, dilute it with as little water as possible! I was on nexium; the purple pill. (background of the pill: if I didn't take my pill within 24 hours I would have such severe pains on my entire left side, It felt like a heart attack, I literally couldn't walk!) I couldn't live without my purple pill! During the first 2 days of drinking the vinegar I was taking the purple pill. On the 3rd day I stopped taking my purple pill, and this was extremely scary for me! Surprisingly I was fine, so I stopped taking the purple pill, and I haven't taken one since then! Do you know the side effects of the purple pill? One of them is bone loss! You can break a jaw or hip. There are many more symptoms, always read and know what you are putting inside your body!


How to do it:

On empty stomach before a meal, you:

1. take the shot

2. take a bite or two of the bread

3. drink water

4. sit and eat your meal

This was difficult to do before breakfast, so I did this for 10 days for lunch & dinner mostly!

The 10th night I remember waking up in bed, and I coughed up something black that stained my tongue for 2 weeks. It was bitter and nasty, but somehow I knew instantly,that whatever illness this was, acid reflux or whatever that was, WAS NOW GONE! I just knew. I then stopped the vinegar.

I still take it occasionally for heartburn and other ailments like a cold or stomach flue. I add it to my netti pot with colloidal silver. Ouch again, but it works for me! Who knows maybe I found a cure for the common cold :)

4 weeks in with the above remedies & my symptoms already improved. I had less pain and I wasn't going to the bathroom as much.

5. I made my appointment with an ND which took a few weeks to get! I then saw a chiropractor who was taking nutrition classes and he read about fish oil & probiotics. (those were the days before all that research was published and it wasn't advertised all over the place) I started on those, can't remember the brand. But It was one I found in wholefoods supermarket. Probably Nordic Naturals or Jarrows.

I was slowly getting better. Still mucous and blood, but less of it. (later after seeing an ND she told me its not a good idea to have probiotics during bleeds! The bacteria can get into the blood stream) thank God that didn't happen! (That's why you need an ND & MD Always!)

6. My appointment finally arrived, and I was put on glutamine powder, DGL and BCQ All by "Vital Nutrients" She said I should continue the fish oil, just finish the product I already purchased then I switched over to the brand she recommended.

This is what the naturopathic doctor prescribed to me. Note this could be an individual thing! Always work with your ND! Glutamine powder, BCQs, and probiotics.

1. Fish Oils 2 x day

2. Glutamine powder 2 tables spoons, powder on empty stomach 3x a day

3. DGL powder on empty stomach 1 or 2 scoops 3x a day

4. BCQ 6 pills a day on an empty stomach

5. Probiotics after the bleeding has stopped

6. Iron +C, and Vit D3, because I was deficient blood work is needed to determine this! Must address your deficiencies!

I was very skeptical at first. I said to myself, man this lady just wants to make $$$ on me. She wants me to buy all these vitamins. I immediately stopped those thoughts and gave her the benefit of the doubt! Someone once told me you have to trust somebody sometime! She had me sign an agreement that I would be doing the recommended treatments for 6 months. I am glad that was in her paperwork. It kept me accountable. I was on the regimen she recommended and I was still drinking 3 liters of water a day @ room temperature 2 months later I stopped bleeding, and the pain was Gone Gone Gone!

The book I was reading is right! ("Natural Cures they Don't want you to know about") & The ND is right! I now wanted to get rid of my IBS, and start my 15 colonics in 30 days. I checked with my ND, "She said hold on a minute (can you tell I'm impatient, this is why you need an ND!) you need to do a colonoscopy and make sure your colon is intact",(this is why you need an MD). I was thinking, (oh man how was I going to get a GI doctor when all 4 different of my GIs had already kicked me to the curb). They all thought I was putting my life at risk for getting off all the meds. (Reason I stopped my meds was because they didn't do anything for me, they found my spleen was enlarged and I started having a fatty liver. I was worried that these were all probably side effects of the medications. They also wanted me to insert some medication in my bum. I didn't think this could be right, especially when so many things are coming out of there and I couldn't control it! My bleeding was also increasing. This is what pushed me to stop the meds. TAKE NOTICE: I WAS VERY LUCKY BECAUSE I COULD NOT FIND ONE GI TO TAKE ME IN AS A PATIENT! I HAD NO ONE SUPERVISING ME AT ALL! I CONSIDER MYSELF LUCKY TO HAVE FOUND A REGIMEN THAT WORKED, BUT WHAT IF I FAILED, I PROBABLY WOULD BE DEAD! NEVER STOP BEING SUPERVISED, AND LISTEN TO YOUR INTUITION!!!

So I lied to the 5th GI and told them my GI from another state is still prescribing the meds and yes I am taking them. (I am a horrible liar ask anyone who knows me, but I pulled it off! MY NEW YORK CITY GIRL INSTINCTS PROBABLY SAVED MY LIFE! NOT ALL OF US HAVE THIS! MY DESIRE TO GET WELL AND MY MENTAL STATE WAS, I WAS GOING TO BEAT THIS DISEASE NO MATTER WHAT! THAT IS WHAT SAVED MY LIFE! PASSION, DESIRE AND MOTIVATION IS KEY! Passion to keep researching, desire to keep trying, doing implementing what you have researched! Motivation is the fire inside you that will lift up your spirit. Read about Bruce Liptons's Research on cells and depression vs. positiveness. This is another good read about the mind body spirit connection. click here

5th GI gave me my colonoscopy; she said there is no evidence that anything has ever been wrong with your colon. You are perfectly healthy! At this point I was on my regimen about 6 months. I was in disbelief; tears running down my face, and she starts leaving the room! I said doctor don't you want to know how I did it! She said NO! Everyone is different! But someone did want to hear what I did. When they wheeled me out to recovery a nurse gave me cranberry juice and asked me how I did it. The other nurses heard that I used to have colitis so more nurses gathered around my bed. About 10 nurses surrounding my bed took notes to everything I was telling them & now you have all the information as well & then some! I pray that one day our medical doctors learn true healing!

My cure for IBS: if you can find a technician that knows reiki, that would be a plus!

7. I had done 13 colonics in 45 days. (Kevin Trudeau's book recommends 15 in 30 days.) During the first 4 colonics; I had excruciating pain, but I kept up with it! During the 4th colonic my stomach rose to a triangular shape about 2 inches high. It was the weirdest thing ever! When we saw it come out, the colonic technician said that was your 10th birthday cake. It was big and black! At that point the rest of the colonics were painless. I believe at that point my IBS was gone as well.

How I achieved over all Wellness:

8. My 12th colonic I did a liver gall bladder cleanse (the recipe is on Real info starts now page) the next morning I went & had my 13th colonic. I felt the water throughout my entire colon. I was clean as a new born baby! I noticed so much energy! I felt amazing! My face cleared up and my belly went flat! My aches, pains, and feeling bloated were all gone! I noticed how happy I was. I even thought to myself was I depressed before? I think I was having some sort of depression but I didn't realize it until it lifted.

That is how I achieved my wellness! I always reach for ways to improve, as we all should. We have this one lifetime make it worthwhile! Wellness is obtainable if you want it bad enough; just like anything else! How far will you go to achieve Health?

Gigi <3