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Learn the law of attraction, the secret

I have read many books on the matter. The one that spoke to me was "Ask and it is Given" by Esther Hicks . This is the one that stood out from the rest. I use techniques I learned in my stress management and EFT classes, along with the practices directly from the "Ask and it is Given" book. I highly recommend reading it.

I have met many people who just didn't seem to get what I received from this book. My advice to you is this. After reading this book, if you still just don't seem to understand the meaning, or how to use it to your advantage, then contact me. If you are reading this page, something brought you here. Your inner being wants you to learn this law!

The video describes the law of attraction. In my opinion, and I am not alone, using EFT and the law of attraction go hand in hand!

I had a similar experience as the women in this video with my own knee pains. Watch some miraculous healing right now:

Key Points:

  • The Law of attraction is not about what you are thinking but more so about what you are feeling. It is your emotion that is communicating with the universe.
  • When you are thinking about something that is not allowing you to think positively which is causing a negative emotion, the goal is to catch yourself, stop thinking that way and start thinking of something that will bring out a good feeling and the positive energy.
  • Keep exercising this process.
  • It is important to be in a positive state of mind when you are manifesting.
  • This gives you an opportunity to be in control of what happens in your life.

EFT Good resources: Emotional Freedom Technique

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Do it yourself:

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