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Real Information for better patient outcomes! Get empowered! Learn how to create your own personalized wellness team!

Below you will find vital information on how to achieve a disease free body!

No you don't need to do everyone of these techniques, but I do believe you should learn about them to make an informative decision.

You need to be a well informed patient! Do your research, and learn all there is to know about your disease. Learn all your options including alternative therapies. Trust your instincts!

Books I recommend: Tox-Sick by Suzanne Somers This is a new clever book that you will learn about true unbiased information! She laid out vital information in an easy to read kind of way. All diseases and ailments listed here. She recommends supplements, list specialists, and vital health screening not normally performed that can save your life and diagnose you correctly, sooner! She even talks about baby bottles.

Just as I found REAL Healthcare through being ill, so did Suzanne Somers. She explains her search for cures for her illness and many of her close family member's illnesses! It wasn't easy! Many enticing stories. One story she mentions flying across the country just because this one Dr. performed a test that no one else did (something she read about). She tells you who that is! Who does that??

Lots more information & resources on the Facebook page:

Below are some videos and information to get you started! Most of you will be able to do this on your own! I am here if you need me. You are not alone! Never give up! Your road to health exists, you just have to find the right map to wellness!




This first video is a Cardiologist who uses integrative medicine in His practice!


My mentor, is Explaining Ayurveda! "Inside secret: most of her patients are her colleagues.

These are all medical doctors that don't take their own medicine"

All IV therapies can pose serious risk of blood clots that can be serious or even deadly! I would recommend this procedure for only very sick individuals after all other methods were exhausted!

To maintain health, it is recommended that a regular diet should consist of about 70% alkaline-forming foods and 30% acid-forming foods. If you are healing, whether you’re battling a cold or a long-term disease, a restorative diet of 80% alkaline-forming foods to 20% acidic-forming foods should be followed. Let’s take a look at a basic acid/alkaline food chart to see where certain foods lie on the scale: - See more at:

Tip No. 01: When you first wake up in the morning, add a squeeze of lemon or lime to a glass of warm water. Drink up! This simple tonic helps neutralize your acidic body after a long night of metabolizing.

Tip No. 02: Follow your morning tonic with a big green juice or green smoothie for breakfast. By skipping the acidic coffee and bagel, you’re nourishing yourself first thing with alkaline-boosting foods that will set you up for more sustained energy throughout the day.

Alkaline Green Smoothie

yield- 1 smoothie approx 12-16oz

6″ piece of cucumber

3 medium Kale leaves, torn

5 stems fresh mint

3 stems fresh parsley

1″ piece fresh ginger

1 avocado

1 cup coconut water (best if you use no sugar almond milk)

fresh juice of one lime

1-2 tsp udo’s oil

1-2 tbsp hemp seeds

2-3 drops stevia


Place all ingredients into high speed blender and mix until smooth, adding a little filtered water if needed for consistency. Enjoy!

Optionally, I sometimes add 1/2 cup frozen berries–blueberries, raspberries or strawberries as they are low sugar fruit that is healthier to add than the super sweet fruits. However, you may find that you like the smoothie as is above. The lime, the ginger and the mint are really nice together. I have discovered that the coconut water is quite hydrating.


The food and water we drink is just as important as how we breathe. With each breath, your blood is actually alkalizing as you inhale oxygen and exhale out carbon dioxide. Use your neti pot daily to clean your sinuses, then with each breath you take focus on using your diaphragm to inhale deeply and exhale slowly with control. Long, slow exhales also shift your body out of the cortisol-producing sympathetic nervous system and into the parasympathetic nervous system, where our bodies rest, digest and heal.- See more at:

Tip 4: Here are some recommended cleanses:

  1. If your colon is intact,that means no bleeding ulcerations, hemorrhoids, abrasions,etc. its recommended to do 15 colonics in 30 days or as close to it as possible; before your last colonic follow this cleanse for your liver & gall bladder
  2. Liver gallbladder cleanse recommended 2x a year: Ok and important for those with no gall bladder:

[Information Provided by]: The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D.


  • 4 tablespoons Epson Salt
  • one-half cup of olive oil - the light olive oil is easier to drink
  • 1 large or 2 small fresh pink grapefruit (enough to squeeze 2/3 to ¾ cup of juice)
  • L- Ornithine , 4 to 8 capsules, to help you sleep. People have done the cleanse without L - Ornithine (Kallie took L -Ornithine one night and noticed no effect and never used it again.) I never used this! I don't think its necessary, definitely check with your dr. on this one! 
  • Steps:
  • Choose a day like Saturday for the cleanse, since you will be able to rest the next day. Take no medicines, vitamins or pills that you can do without; they can prevent success. Eat a no-fat breakfast and lunch such as:
  • a cooked cereal with fruit
  • fruit juice
  • bread and preserves or honey (no butter or milk)
  • baked potato or other vegetables with salt only.
  • This allows the bile to build up and develop pressure in the liver. Higher pressure pushes out more stones.

  • 2:00 PM. Do not eat or drink anything but water after 2 o'clock. If you break this rule you could feel quite ill later. Get your Epsom salts ready. Mix 4 tbs. in 3 cups of water and pour this into a jar. This makes four servings, ¾ cup each. Set the jar in the refrigerator to get ice cold (this is for convenience and taste only).

  • 6:00 PM. Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of the ice cold Epsom Salt.

(Recommended: Drink the Epsom salt solution through a straw to get the drink to the back of your mouth and avoid most of the taste. A little maple syrup afterwards sweetens the aftertaste of the salts.)

  • 8:00 PM. Repeat.
  • 9:45 PM. Pour ½ cup olive oil into pint jar. Add ¾ cup squeezed grapefruit juice. Shake vigorously.

  • 10:00 PM. Drink this mixture taking 4 to 8 L - Ornithine (not mandatory but helps one sleep). Lie down immediately on your back with head high on your pillow. Keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes. Go to sleep

(Recommended: A warm hot water bottle placed on your upper abdomen and slightly to the right helps your liver to relax.)

  • Upon Awakening - After 6 AM. Take third dose of Epsom salts.
  • 2 Hours Later. Take fourth dose of Epsom salts.
  • 2 Hours Later. You may eat starting with juice and fruit. Later eat light.

More Suggestions

Tip 5 Keep Moving: Walking outdoors for at least 30 minutes is recommended and/or swimming is great; if you wet (shower in your skin in clean water before stepping in the pool or hot tub, it will help decrease the amount of pool chemicals that soak in your body)

Jumping on a rebounder 5 minutes 2x a day detoxes lymphatic system.

Tip 6: Find a Naturopathic Doctor and add them to your annual checkups. Check all heavy metals, vitamins and minerals regularly:

Tip 7: Supplements can be purchased at, but its always safer to purchase direct from your ND. Some of the brand names you can trust are, Vital Nutrients, PURE, Now, Twin Lab.

People who like to smoke and drink please follow the steps above, and add BCQ (a natural de inflammatory) by Vital Nutrients.

Tip 8: Please learn about colloidal Silver and their benefits:

I would not recommend for daily supplement. Use it as you would a 10 day 2 week antibiotic. Great for eye, sinus, and other infections. Please use sterile dropper for eye use. Great for burns big & small, including sun burn.

Tip 9: Stop Acid Reflux in 2 weeks. I used it along with the "purple pill" for the first 3 days, 4 tables spoons of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother from Braggs', put it in a shot glass. Try and do it before each meal. Have a piece of bread and water near by. Take the shot drink it, take a bite of the bread and then drink the water, sit & enjoy your meal. This can be painful and for some, including myself nauseating. I kept doing it any way! Glad I did. I'm now off the purple pill for 11 years. Antacids have dangerous side effects such as bone loss and fractures.

Tip 10: Stay calm, keep breathing and email if you need my help. Listen to your intuition when choosing your path for healing.

Please Note: All suggestions are for informational Purposes Only; please check with your healthcare provider before attempting any information listed!

Here are some tips to improve your mood and release stress. These are simple 2 minute techniques to get you centered!

Oasis Techniques: Stretch North, South, East, West Lift your hands up high, down low, left & right as far as you can go with your legs straight. You may stretch just one hand or foot in the same directions and

silenty breathe dump & embrace. Don’t forget to breathe!

3 D dump: Cup your hands out. Dump out loud whatever is bothering you. Take 3 slow deep breaths through your belly open mouth wide breathe and sigh. Say out loud what you are dumping example: traffic or rain.

Now do a 3 D Embrace, cup your hands in and bring in all that you desire in the same 4 directions, ex. Health, abundance of money, and love, peace, joy.

This takes about 10 to 15 minutes but it truly helps you clear your mind, and get in-tuned with what your really want!

Use when your mind is too noisy: Stone Meditation: Look at your stone what do you see, notice the weight, feel the grooves, what does it look like and what does it remind you of? Do all of this while breathing deep from your belly. Take your time!

Law of Attraction, Ask and It Is Given: the Teachings of Abraham-Hicks, Make a creation box: Write down all that you want in life be very descriptive. You can cut out items out of magazines. Place all in box. Start and end your day with a thank you and appreciation of all that you have, then look at your creation box with joy and peace within yourself read and study your creations, you can add as many things as you wish. Know that they will come to you. Create it in your mind and notice all around you what is happening to get you closer to your desires. Remember there are no coincidences!

Stop your mind from thinking about the negatives such as fear, and all you don’t have; instead think of all you want and keep your mind there! Don’t wish ill on others, wish them well! Focus on you; only you can control what happens in your life!

LIST OF Providers You Just Learned about & Some important websites to visit:

Cannabis & Cancer

Find and Naturalpathic Doctor near you:

Hydro colonic technicians

A clinic for all diseases: in Mexico (learn what they do)

Very Exciting, please read all the benefits of noni juice. I personally know someone who that cured bladder cancer! I would have never taken this stuff seriously, but if I personally know someone, who has used this product and cured bladder cancer and now his Dr. is researching it, Well, I have to share this!

Helps vision, liver, pain, skin conditions, wow! worth a try!

Warning: I found that some might increase scar tissue by using this product. It does not get rid of scar tissue!

Read the cancer dr! Dr. Leonard Coldwell, many of the treatments I followed was from his books he was Kevin Trudeau's Doctor

If you can find a dr.(medical doctor/specialist) that took an online course to learn about supplements, it would be beneficial. Some knowledge in supplements is better than no knowledge! Important Note: I still recommend an ND (naturopathic Dr) They have extensive knowledge (4 years school, plus clinical hours) in Botanical Medicine, which means herbs, vitamins, minerals & homeopathic medicine

Try to find your MD or Specialist here; Functional Medicine:

A special link to Dr. Mercola; I do not endorse or know anything about what products he is selling. This is not why I am adding his link here. He has amazing videos and diagrams regarding the benefits of EFT!

Need to raise Money for your treatments:

I like this one:

Learn how to stay safe from EMF Poisoning, which are caused by WiFi, cell phones,cordless phones. No need to stop using it, but learn how to minimize the effects of microwave radiation!

Find a Hyberbaric Oxygen Center:

Find an acupuncture:

Find a chiropractor/ Craniosacral Therapist:

Find a Homeapathic Dr:

More integrative MDs

Looking for Intravenous Cocktail treatments or chelation therapy try to Google:

Accredited vitamin intravenous near me. Make sure you check with their ratings carefully!

Don't forget to join the Facebook page, for constant great information that sifts the truth from the bull!

Good Luck on your research: After learning all your options, just follow your intuition. It will always lead you to your correct path!